Success Story

Navigating the First Party Data Frontier

A premium publisher's journey to redefining ad sales in the post-cookie era.



A prestigious news publisher with a 200-year legacy decided to tackle third party cookie deprecation head-on. They knew they needed to modernize how they interacted with users to boost ad revenue, marketing, e-commerce, and personalization.

So, they partnered with Prohaska Consulting to implement a cutting-edge identity solution.



Data Collection: We helped them set up a first-party tag to gather valuable data directly from their users.

Identity Framework: They adopted a system that captures both deterministic and probabilistic identity, giving them a comprehensive view of their audience.

ID Graph: This allowed them to connect user identities across different browsers and devices seamlessly.



Over a 20% increase in open exchange revenues.

A 25% boost in audience scale for existing segments.

More than a 15% rise in connecting previously disconnected users.

A unified, reliable source of data for all their needs.

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